Health Informatics and Information Management

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  • Curriculum

    CourseSemester Hours
    HI 301 Health Information Management across Health Care Settings4
    HI 309 Topics in Health Informatics & Information Management3
    HI 311 Database Applications in Health Information Systems4
    HI 318 Medical Concepts I3
    HI 319 Medical Concepts II4
    HI 325 Coding and Classification Systems for Diagnoses4
    HI 326 Human Resources Management3
    HI 327 Coding and Classification Systems for Procedures3
    HI 329 Health Care Data Structure3
    HI 416 Research Design and Statistics for Health Informatics & Information Management4
    HI 417 Research in Healthcare Settings2
    HI 422 Management of Health Information Systems3
    HI 423 Health Care Compliance and Documentation Improvement3
    HI 424 Revenue Cycle and Reimbursement Management3
    HI 425 Health Care Systems Design and Analysis4
    HI 426 Affiliation4
    HI 427 Seminar1
    HI 428 Quality Management & Performance Improvement Strategies3
    HI 429 Advanced Privacy, Security and Legal Issues3
    Total Required Hours61