Dental Hygiene

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  • Admission Requirements

    In addition to the admission standards of the institution and the general admission requirements of the School of Health Related Professions, candidates seeking admission to the dental hygiene program must:

    • Have completed a minimum of 60 semester hours of academic credit (exclusive of physical education, military science, dogmatic religion and vocational courses) from a regionally accredited institution of higher learning;
    • Have a minimum overall cumulative grade point average of 2.50 on 4.00 scale (All grades, including failing grades and grades on repeat courses, are used to calculate pre-admission grade point average);
    • Have completed 8 hours observation of a licensed or registered dental hygienist in two separate clinical environments;
    • Complete an interview and hands-on test;
    • Submit ACT scores;
    • Have completed 12 hours of the science prerequisite courses and 24 of the non-science courses prior to the Feb. 15 application deadline to the program; and,
    • Have successfully completed (a grade of C or better) the following minimum prerequisite number of required courses.

     Prerequisite courses 

    Required Courses  # of Courses# of Hours
    English Composition26
    General Biology or Zoology w/ Lab14
    General Chemistry with Lab28
    College Algebra13
    Fine Arts13
    General Psychology13
    Intro to Sociology13
    Anatomy and Physiology with Lab *28
    Microbiology with Lab14
    Medical Terminology **13
    Abnormal, Adolescent/Child, Educational or Developmental Psychology13
    Total Prerequisites  1860

     * One course in anatomy plus 1 course in physiology or anatomy and physiology combined for two courses.

    ** One course in Medical Terminology, new requirement, effective immediately


    Program application deadline

    All application documents and application fees must be received by the Office of Student Records and Registrar by February 15. General application information may be found in the General Application Procedures section of the School of Health Related Professions in the UMMC Bulletin. Click here to access the UMMC Bulletin.

    The following criteria are utilized in selecting students to the Dental Hygiene program:

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