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  • Cytotechnology


    Our program is very excited to offer a "3+1" Bachelor of Science degree in cytotechnology. This innovative development will now allow us the ability to bestow upon our graduates this highly sought-out professional degree in just one year on the UMMC campus.

    The initial class utilizing this format started in the summer term of 2012 with graduation taking place in May 2013.

    Applicants to the program need a minimum of 90 semester hours, 28 of which must be in what we term natural sciences, referring to any combination of biology and chemistry courses. A total of 34 semester hours are awarded during the three terms of our program. Of course, applicants who already have a degree may apply, as long as they possess the necessary 28 hours of the natural sciences. All applicants need a minimum GPA of 2.00 on a 4.00 scale.

    The program involves high levels of one-on-one interaction between the student and the faculty member. This is necessitated by the fact that cytotechnology is a learned visual skill utilizing the light microscope. Certainly our students will gain much in the way of needed didactic background, but the "rubber meets the road" when a student can apply what they've learned from books into the proper interpretation of a glass slide. We will limit the number of students that we accept to a number that will allow our faculty to provide each student with specialized and highly individualized training throughout. 

    We are eager to talk with you about the possibility of your becoming a member of the exciting field of cytotechnology. It is a highly respected profession!