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  • Course Descriptions

    CT 407. Introduction to Cytopathology. An introductory course designed to familiarize student with the health care field and the specific profession of cytotechnology; the basic tenets relative to proper use of the light microscope; the study of cytologic specimen collection and cytopreparation; key elements related to laboratory safety; and the principles of laboratory management and laboratory accreditation. (Lecture/Lab) (2 semester hours)

    CT 423. Research Methods I. A laboratory-lecture course having the objective of introducing the student to various basic procedures and techniques for the design, implementation, writing, analyzing data, principles of statistical analysis and presentation of quality clinical and basic science research projects. (Lecture/Lab) (2 semester hours)

    CT 430. Diagnostic Cytopathology I. A systematic study of basic tissue types and the major organ systems of the body; the recognition and laboratory diagnosis of biochemical and cytogenetic disease; pathogenic microorganisms encountered in cytologic specimens and normal cytology in cervicovaginal preparations from the female genital tract. (Lecture) (3 semester hours)

    CT 434. Diagnostic Cytopathology I (Laboratory). Supervised evaluation of benign cervicovaginal smears from the female genital tract. (Lab) (3 semester hours)

    CT 440. Diagnostic Cytopathology II. systematic study of abnormal cervicovaginal preparations from the female genital tract as well as the study of advanced topics related to gynecologic cytopathology. (Lecture) (2 semester hours)

    CT 443. Research Methods II. A laboratory course designed to provide students with contemporary methods and procedures used in histotechnology, immunohistochemistry, molecular biology and fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH). (Laboratory) (1 semester hour)

    CT 444. Diagnostic Cytopathology II (Laboratory). Supervised clinical correlation and evaluation of normal and abnormal cervicovaginal smears from the female genital tract. (Laboratory) (1 semester hour) 

    CT 446. Preclinical Practicum. Preparation for gynecological clinical cytopathology practice. (Laboratory) (1 semester hour)

    CT 450. Diagnostic Cytopathology III. A systematic study of all non-gynecologic and fine needle aspiration cytology, with emphasis on reporting, cytohistologic correlation and adjunct diagnostic modalities, such as special stains, immunohistochemical staining procedures and molecular technology. The course includes the study of various microorganisms that are typically encountered in the different specimen types. Also included is discussion of other advanced non-gynecologic topics not heretofore covered. (Lecture) (2 semester hours)

    CT 454. Diagnostic Cytopathology III (Laboratory). Microscope evaluation and review of all non-gynecologic cytopathology specimens, including basic exfoliative fluid cytology, body cavity fluids (effusions) and fine needle aspiration biopsy specimens. (Laboratory) (2 semester hours)

    CT 463. Honors Thesis. Closely directed supervision and working on an individual basis with an instructor; final preparation and presentation of a research project. (Laboratory) (2 semester hours)

    CT 468. Human Physiology. Process of maintaining homeostasis and mechanisms of functional control. (Lecture) (3 semester hours)

    CT 473. General Pathology. A study of the etiology and symptomatology of the general pathological conditions affecting the body. (Lecture) (2 semester hours)

    CT 480. Clinical Practice. Microscopic evaluation and review of gynecologic and non-gynecologic cytopathology specimens, including correlation between the cytology specimen and available histologic material. The course culminates in the practical application of all covered material during two supervised clinical rotation experiences. One rotation will be strictly cytology-oriented, while the other will center on research methodologies. (Clinical rotation) (8 semester hours)