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  • Clinical Health Sciences FAQ


    Who should apply for admission to Clinical Health Sciences graduate program?

    Admission is limited to individuals who are registered, certified or licensed at the state or national level in an academic health care discipline or individuals with extensive experience in health-related environment.

    Must I have a master's degree to apply to PhD program in CHS?

    No. A student must have a minimum of the Bachelor of Science degree from an accredited institution.

    When I am allowed to select track of study?

    After successful completion of the core courses (with a GPA of 3.0 or better) and  passing the pre-qualifying exam, students will then proceed into their specific area of concentration. Within the CHS graduate program, there are two track areas of specialty: Health System Track and Clinical Lab Sciences Track. All students must take a minimum of 12 hours of courses listed in track table.

    How many members in the dissertation advisory committee?

    The committee must consist of at least five persons. The student's chosen adviser shall be chairman of the committee. The other members are nominated by the chairman of the advisory committee with the approval of the director of the CHS program and officially are appointed by the dean of the Graduate School.

    This advisory committee will serve as the nucleus of the dissertation examining committee. All members of the committee, including the chairman, must be full members of the graduate faculty. When approved by the student's advisory committee, a qualified person(s) from another institution may be invited to serve on this committee. At least five members must be present at oral examinations conducted by the advisory committee.

    If I am admitted into the PhD program, does that mean I am automatically a candidate for the degree?

    Admission to a program of graduate study does not constitute admission to candidacy for a degree. After completion of the all courses of graduate study, a student may be admitted to candidacy following written application using forms obtained from the office of the Graduate School. The student's adviser, the director of the Clinical Health Sciences program and the dean must approve the course of study and admission.

    Is there a time limit for completion of my degree in the program?

    Five years from the date of admission to candidacy.

    If I fail the qualifying examination, when will I be able to retake it?

    If the student fails a component, the student must retake that component of the qualifying exam in the following cycle (December or August).

    How are my electives courses determined?

    Electives are determined by your major adviser. A minimum of 9 hours of course work must be completed beyond the track-required courses. The chair and members of advisory committee may advise the student regarding the appropriate courses needed that will lead to enhancing the student's background as well as equipping the students with multitask skills.

    What should the dissertation entail?

    The dissertation must show originality and power of independent investigation and embody results of outcomes (systems) or clinical laboratory research that form a contribution to knowledge as well as exhibit mastery of the literature of the subject and familiarity with the sources. The material must be presented with an acceptable degree of literary skill. The dissertation, written according to prescribed form (Graduate School Handbook), is prepared under the direction of the candidate's adviser and must be approved by the candidate's advisory committee, director of the Clinical Health Sciences program, and the dean of graduate studies.