Clinical Health Sciences

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  • Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Health Sciences


    Program description

    The Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Health Sciences at the University of Mississippi Medical Center prepares qualified students to pursue academic careers in a variety of settings where data is required to answer complex questions, to teach research methods, and/or conduct methodologically rigorous and scientifically sound studies.

    Designed for those who wish to plan, implement and analyze both quantitative and qualitative research studies, using appropriate research designs, the 60 semester hour program of study combines instruction in the scientific foundations of practice and scientific methodology as well as advanced preparation in one of two tracks: clinical health systems or clinical laboratory sciences.

     In order to be awarded the degree, the candidate must demonstrate evidence of general proficiency and distinctive attainment in a special field and a recognized ability for independent investigation as presented in a dissertation based upon original research.

    Admission requirements

    Various conditions determine the number of admissions to the Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Health Sciences such that, at times, there may be no opening in a specific track or tracks. The initial review of applicants is made on the basis of an evaluation of all application materials. Only completed applications will be evaluated.

    Specific admission criteria include:

    • Bachelor of science from a regionally accredited institution;
    • A registration, certification or license at the state or national level in an academic health care discipline approved by the graduate program director OR extensive experience in health-related environment;
    • An official transcript from ALL schools attended post-high school;
    • An official report of GRE scores;
    • A current curriculum vitae which must include applicant’s research interest(s) and career goals.

    Preference for admissions is given to: 1) residents of Mississippi; and 2) faculty who are employed at least 50 percent time in a health care profession. In order to receive the faculty preference, the applicant must submit a letter from the dean or director of the health professional program in which he/she is a faculty indicating at least 50 percent employment in the program.

    Admission to a program of graduate study does not constitute admission to candidacy for a degree. To be admitted to candidacy, the student must first satisfy all prerequisites for the qualifying examination, pass each section of this examination, and formally apply.

    Program outcomes

    Students graduating from the Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Health Sciences will be able to:

    • Illustrate a mastery of fundamental and core concepts common to the clinical health sciences;
    • Produce scholarly activity that demonstrates the ability to engage in novel and meritorious research;
    • Produce research and scholarship that support the health care, economic and cultural development of the state, southern region and nation;
    • Secure positions of responsibility in academic, hospital and research-based employment;
    • Demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning that produces good citizens in the health care system for the state.