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  • Graduate Studies in Clinical Health Sciences


    As of 2013, this program is no longer accepting students and is currently in a teach-out program over the next three years.

    The School of Graduate Studies in Health Sciences at UMMC offers a program leading to the PhD degree in Clinical Health Sciences.

    The graduate program in Clinical Health Sciences makes available to qualified students an organized educational framework that offers preparation for research in clinically significant areas, requiring a strong background knowledge in principles of clinical health sciences. Taking advantage of the Medical Center's extensive resources, this program will help give students the working knowledge and tools necessary to conduct quality, independent research.

    The program was developed for students who have already completed entry-level requirements in a health profession or BS degree and experience in a health-related area. A student must have a minimum of the BS degree from an accredited institution.

    The program of study and research will lead the student to a better understanding of health care systems and advanced technologies in clinical laboratory sciences. A student's course work combines knowledge of the scientific foundations of practice and scientific methodology. Advanced preparation of study in a clinical health systems track and a clinical laboratory sciences track is available.

    The primary goal of the graduate program in Clinical Health Sciences is to develop health care experts who can conduct basic or applied research on clinically significant problems related to health care. Related objectives are to foster the spirit of interdisciplinary cooperation among clinical practitioners; to provide highly qualified graduates who can teach in health professional schools or fill leadership roles in organizations, industry or governmental agencies as related to health care; and to develop a cadre of researchers who can address contemporary problems in the delivery of health care.

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