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  • Monthly Oral Presentations

    Goals and objectives

    The overall goal of these sessions is to provide opportunity for postdocs, instructors, and fellows to practice oral presentations and receive feedback from peers under low pressure conditions. Additional objectives are sharing of research interests and techniques to facilitate new collaborations, practicing of job talks, and developing grant ideas. 


     The seminar series will consist of different types of presentations:  

    • Technique sharing
      Postdocs, fellows and instructors will present short presentations that are focused on new and novel technologies that may be of interest to the broader research community. Multiple presenters can speak during one monthly session.   
    • Research updates
      Postdocs, fellows and instructors can choose to practice a short presentation (10-20 min. talk plus 5 min. discussion) or a long presentation (40-45 min. talk plus 10 min. discussion) on their research findings. In addition, this is a good opportunity to present ideas for grant proposals.   

    • Special topics
      The organizers will select special topics for 1-2 sessions per year that include aspects of professional development relevant to postdocs, fellows and instructors.

    One week prior to the presentation, provide an abstract or relevant article to be sent to all postdocs, fellows and instructors. The audience will provide the presenter an evaluation sheet with comments and suggestions after the talk.  

    Contact information

    If you want to present, contact Drs. Omar Logue, Chetan Patil, or Erin Taylor

    All presentations are held from 3-4 p.m. on the last Wednesday of the month in CW106 or CW308. Snacks are provided.  

    Dates for 2016

    • Sept. 28
    • Oct. 26
    • Nov. 30