MS – Biomedical Sciences

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  • Plan of Study

    The MS in Biomedical Sciences (MS/BMS) program requires a minimum of 30 credit hours beyond a BS or BA degree. A typical course of study for students interested in professional or graduate school is shown below.

    Core Courses

    ID 770   Evidence-based Clinical Research (or Biostatistics)3 hrs
    ID 767Fundamental Histology & Cell Biology (or elective)2 hrs
    ID 727Current Issues in Biomedical Research2 hrs
    BIOCH 704Fundamental Biochemistry7 hrs
    ID 768Essentials of Anatomy (or biomedical elective)2 hrs




    Example Plan of Study: Biomedical Sciences Track

    Fall Semester
    BIOCH 704**Fundamental Biochemistry7 hrs
    PHYSIO 725Fundamental Physiology4 hrs
    ID 767**Fundamental Histology & Cell Biology (or elective) 

    2 hrs

    ID 770**Evidence-based Clinical Research (or Biostatistics)

    3 hrs

    Spring Semester
    MICRO 741Fundamental Microbiology6 hrs
    PHYSIO 725Fundamental Physiology4 hrs
    ID 768**Essentials of Anatomy (or biomedical elective)
    2 hrs
    ID 727**Current Issues in Biomedical Research2 hrs
    **core courses


    For students wishing additional study in a particular discipline, elective courses may be substituted in place of non-core courses.  Students should consult the director of the relevant graduate program and the Director of the MS-Biomedical Sciences program for alternative study plans.