Oral Pathology

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  • Oral Pathology FAQ

    Our oral pathology team provides answers to questions frequently asked regarding its services.

    How do I refer a patient for a clinical pathology examination?

    An appointment may be made by calling (601) 984-6090.

    Is there a charge for biopsy and cytology services?

    Yes. We use CPT codes to determine fees. If special studies are required, additional fees will be charged. Patients are billed directly for our services. Most of our services are covered by medical insurance, some by dental insurance. Our office will file the claim. Please be certain that all pertinent demographic and insurance information is included. Patients are responsible for deductibles and co-pays.

    How do I perform a cytologic smear for fungal infection?

    Call our office at (601) 984-6092 for details and further instructions.

    Does formulin expire?

    Yes, it does. Check the expiration date on the container.

    Where can I send X-rays, clinical photos and additional information?

    E-mail information to oralpath@umc.edu or send with biopsy.