Oral Pathology

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  • Oral Pathology FAQ

    Our oral pathology team provides answers to questions frequently asked regarding its services.

    How do I refer a patient for a clinical pathology examination?

    An appointment may be made with Dr. Leticia Ferreira by calling (601) 984-6090 or (601) 984-6363.

    Is there a charge for biopsy and cytology services?

    Yes. We use CPT codes to determine fees. If special studies are required, additional fees will be charged. Patients are billed directly for our services. Most of our services are covered by medical insurance, some by dental insurance. Our office will file the claim. Please be certain that all pertinent demographic and insurance information is included. Patients are responsible for deductibles and co-pays.

    How do I perform a cytologic smear?

    • Blot to remove saliva, but Do NOT wipe or otherwise disturb the area you choose to smear.
    • Using a dental cement spatula OR a damp wooden tongue blade, firmly wipe the area. Use enough strokes to collect a visible accumulation of oral fluids.
    • Transfer the fluids to a clean dry glass slide. Smear the sample across the slide to make a thin coat. Hold the glass slide up to the light. If you can see the sample on the slide, you have enough. Repeat in another area if necessary. IF THE PATIENT HAS A VERY DRY MOUTH, have them rinse gently with a little water before you smear.
    • Spray Cytofix OR regular hair spray on the slide from a distance of about one foot. DO NOT spray too closely or you will rinse the cells off the slide. Do not overspray, one swipe should be enough.
    • Allow the slide to dry for a few minutes and place in the slide container.
    • Fill out the request form in full. Be sure to indicate the reason for the smear and the location you smear. If your patient is on Medicare or Medicaid, be sure to include their number.
    • Mail the same day to Oral Maxillofacial Pathology Laboratory.
    • Please inform your patient that there will be a charge from the laboratory. Medical insurance, Medicare and Medicaid generally cover this fee.
    • You will receive your results within 48 hours of the slide's arrival in our lab.
    • You will need the second slide in the kit to repeat the smear after treatment (if necessary), to determine if your treatment was successful.