Clinical Affairs

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  • Becoming a Patient at UMMC School of Dentistry

    New Patient Information Brochure

    The School of Dentistry has three programs available to prospective patients. Treatment is provided in modern dental facilities dedicated to providing a high quality of oral health services. There are differences among the three programs in terms of time, fees, services and providers.

    Student program

    • Treatment is provided by third- and fourth-year dental students under the direct supervision of licensed and experienced faculty dentists.
    • Fees are the lowest of the three programs.
    • Appointments generally take from two to four hours.
    • Call (601) 984-6155 (option 1) to schedule a screening appointment.

    Resident program

    • Treatment is provided by graduate dentists who are undergoing advanced training in general dentistry and other dental specialties.
    • Fees are higher than in the student program, but still less than in the private sector.
    • Treatment may require less time than in the student program.
    • Call (601) 984-6050 to schedule a screening appointment or for information concerning other dental specialties.

    Faculty practice

    • Treatment is provided by licensed general and specialty dentists.
    • Fees are comparable to, and in many cases, lower than those in the private sector.
    • Time required for treatment is comparable to that in a private dental office.
    • Call (601) 984-6185 to schedule an appointment.