Biomedical Materials Science

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  • Biomedical Materials Science Research

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    Research Areas

    BiomechanicsDevice biomechanics
     Orthopedic and dental 
    Material durabilityCorrosion fatigue
     Failure analysis
     Stress corrosion cracking
     Wear evaluation
    MetalsPartnering with primary metals suppliers
    Standards developmentASTM and ISO

    Faculty Research Interests 

    Yuanyuan DuanFatigue testing for dental implants
     Finite element analysis
     Virtual surgical planning for orthognathic surgery
     Jason GriggsFailure analysis
     Finite element computer modeling
     Mechanical properties of materials
     Statistical design of fatigue experiments
     Amol JanorkarDrug delivery
     In vitro tissue models
     Polymeric biomaterials
     Tissue engineering
     Denise KrauseEpidemiology, population sciences, biomedical informatics
     Health equity, health disparities, access to care
     Health services
     Oral health, oral cancer, HIV/AIDS
     Michael RoachCharacterization of novel implant materials
     Electrochemical evaluation of metallic implant materials
     Failure analysis of implant retrievals and test samples
     Surface modification of oxides on titanium implant materials
     R. Scott WilliamsonElectrochemical surface modification of titanium implant materials
     Characterization of metallic implant materials
     Failure analysis of metallic implant retrievals and test samples