Admissions and Student Affairs

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  • Information for Accepted Students

    Textbooks, lab supplies and clinic coats

    Students must purchase their own required textbooks, dental articulator, dentoform, laboratory coats and clinic coats as specified throughout the course of study. These items are normally available through the UMMC Bookstore.

    Required immunizations

    The Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning, in cooperation with the Mississippi Department of Health, has issued regulations, requiring proof of immunization for measles, mumps, and rubella of all students, unless exempt because of (a) actual or suspected pregnancy (measles or rubella vaccines are not required for females who are pregnant; if pregnancy is suspected, a valid certificate of medical exception from a health provider is required until pregnancy is resolved), (b) medical contraindication, or (c) birth prior to 1957. If the preceding exemptions do not apply, the proof of immunization must consist of the following:

    • Documented history of two doses of measles (rubeola), mumps and rubella vaccine, given after Jan. 1, 1968, usually given as MMR. The first dose must have been given on or after the first birthday and the second dose at least one month or more thereafter; or
    • Written documentation of serologic evidence of immunity to measles (rubeola) and rubella (a blood test); or
    • Documentation of a history of physician diagnosed measles (rubeola). A history of rubella is not satisfactory to imply immunity.

    A standardized report of a recent physical examination is required for admission to any Medical Center educational program. Students admitted to health education programs that cause them to be potentially exposed to blood or body fluids are required to provide proof of hepatitis B vaccination.

    All foreign students shall provide proof of current test screening for tuberculosis by chest x-ray. "Current" shall mean a chest x-ray taken within three months prior to enrolling at an institution of higher learning and after arriving in the United States.

    All Medical Center students are required to have annual TB skin tests. The TB skin test is administered by the Student Health Service.

    For more information on immunization requirements, please refer to the UMMC Bulletin.


    Entering dental students are required to buy the laptop computer specified by the School of Dentistry with factory-configured software and hardware compatible with the Medical Center's wireless computer network. Students must purchase the required laptop computer from the designated vendor before they arrive for on-campus registration. Without this laptop, students will not be eligible to begin classes. Students entering dental school are expected to possess basic computer competencies. These include, but are not limited to, use of a computer, use of e-mail, use of Internet browsers and use of software for word processing and data back-up. Each student will be provided an institutional e-mail account and will be responsible for checking this account and responding to e-mail sent to that address.