Rural Dentists Scholarship Program

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  • Mississippi Rural Dentists Scholarship Program

    In 2013, the Mississippi Legislature authorized the Mississippi Rural Dentists Scholarship Program (MRDSP), creating a unique longitudinal program that identifies rural college students who aspire to return to their roots to practice general dentistry. Academic enrichment, faculty and dentist mentoring plus solid dental school financial support through the Mississippi Rural Dentists Scholarship Program will enable capable young Mississippians to provide adequate dental care in rural areas of Mississippi.


    MRDSP's three phases include: Initial (prior to matriculation to dental school); dental school training; and actual practice. Maintaining a high level of awareness and involvement in Mississippi's rural health care is a constant in every phase of training. Channeling scholars into general dentistry or pediatric dentistry will target the current rural dental shortage. MRDSP is good news for small town Mississippi!

    To continue the flow of general dentists in the pipeline in 2015, nine UMMC School of Dentistry students will be awarded state-funded scholarships valued at $35,000 for 2015-16 totaling $315,000. Each scholar embracesĀ his or herĀ small town values and culture, sharing a common passion for making a difference in rural communities.