Simulation and Interprofessional Education Center

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  • Simulation and Interprofessional Education Center (SIEC) Current Equipment

    The Simulation and Interprofessional Education Center (SIEC) is an educational platform to support the educational and health care mission of the University of Mississippi Medical Center. We are here to serve the educational needs of all UMMC trainees, faculty and clinical services. 

    Airway management

    • airwayeq.jpgBasic and difficult airway training torsos: adult, child and infant
    • Airway anatomy models and charts
    • Difficult airway algorithm
    • Oral and nasal airways and masks
    • Laryngoscope sets: MacIntosh and Miller
    • Selection of endotracheal tubes
    • Laryngeal mask airways (LMAs): Singular, ProSeal, Fastrach
    • CTrach: Video intubating LMA
    • Combitubes
    • Video fiber-optic bronchoscopes: adult and pediatric
    • Shikani Optical Stylets: adult and pediatric
    • Light wand
    • Cricothyrotomy trainer
    • Cricothyroid access kit (QuickTrach)
    • Double lumen tube

    Vascular access

    • vasculareq.jpgPeripheral venous access trainers: adult and infant
    • IV catheters
    • Related anatomy and instruction charts
    • Arterial access trainers: radial and femoral
    • Artery catheterization kits
    • Central venous access trainers: subclavian, internal jugular, ultrasound compatible, femoral
    • Triple lumen catheter kits
    • SonoSite MicroMaxx ultrasound: with linear and curvilinear probes
    • Intraosseous access trainers: sternal and tibial access, adult and pediatric
    • Chemotherapy port trainers

    Spinal access

    • spinaleq.jpgLumbar puncture trainers: adult and infant
    • Lumbar puncture kits
    • Spinal needles
    • Related anatomy training: flexible skeleton, vertebral canal and spinal nerve models and charts


    • diagnostics.jpgCardiopulmonary auscultation training: TutorVII with 12 stethoscope sounders
    • Training modules:
      • Heart sounds
      • Murmurs
      • Breath sounds


    •  other 1.jpgother.jpgUrethral catheterization trainers: male and female
    • Urethral catheterization kits
    • Nasogastric tube placement and tracheostromy care trainer