FAQ - Surveys

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  • Creating a Survey FAQ

    How can I start working with Institutional Research to prepare the survey?

    Contact David Fowler, who will assign you to a member of the Institutional Research staff who will assist you with your survey.

    Can Institutional Research help me formulate questions?

    The department can help you write your questions.

    Should I use an online or hard copy surveys?

    The reasons for using an online survey include:

    • You have access to the e-mail addresses of the people you will be surveying.
    • The people you are surveying will not be together for you to administer a hard copy survey

    The reasons for using a hard copy survey include:

    • The people you are surveying will be together for you to administer a hard copy survey
    • You do not have the email addresses for the people being surveyed.

    After my survey is placed on the survey software, can I change it?

    Yes, although the Institutional Research staff appreciates your doing as much editing as possible before forwarding the document for placement on the software.

    How do I have my survey put on the survey software?

    Send the survey as a Word document to your assigned staff member or David Fowler.