Faculty Recognition

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  • 2012-13 Award Winners


    M1 Dept. of Year: Biochemistry

    M1 Professor of Year:  Dr. David Brown (Biochemistry)

    All-Star: Dr. Bela Kanyicska (Histology)

    All-Star: Dr. Thomas Adair (Physiology)


    M2 Department of Year: Neuroanatomy

    M2 Professor of Year:  Dr. Alexandra Brown (Pathology)

    All-Star:  Dr. Kimberly Simpson (Neuroanatomy)

    All-Star: Dr. William Daley (Pathology)


    M3 Department of Year: Internal Medicine

    M3 Attending of Year: Dr. Chet Tharpe (Medicine)

    All-Star Attending: Dr. Lisa Didion (Pediatrics)

    All-Star Attending: Dr. Sandip Sawardecker (OB/GYN)

    M3 Resident of Year: Brandi McGehee (OB/GYN)

    All-Star Resident: Lyssa Weatherly (Medicine)

    All-Star Resident: Katie Richardson (Surgery)


    M4 Department of Year: Internal Medicine

    M4 Attending of Year: Dr. Calvin Thigpen (Medicine)

    All-Star Attending: Dr. Jerry Sheppard (Medicine)

    All-Star Attending: Dr. Zeb Henson (Medicine/Pediatrics)

    M4 Resident of Year:  Dominique Pepper (Medicine)

    All-Star Resident: Teresa Crout (Medicine)

    All-Star Resident: Lyssa Weatherly (Medicine)