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    Prior to the beginning of the academic term, tuition, fees and applicable insurance charges are charged to the student's account. Billing statements are e-mailed to the student’s UMMC email account. The statement will specify the payment deadline for the term. Students are expected to check their campus e-mail account regularly. Late fees are assessed to accounts not paid by the payment deadline. The late fee is $100 effective January 2014.

    Note to students whose accounts are to be paid partially or in full with some sort of financial assistance (scholarships, loans or grants): If the financial assistance is not going to be ready at the time the account payment is due, it is recommended that the account be paid with private funds to avoid late charges. When the assistance comes in, it will be refunded to the student.

    Account questions regarding posted charges may be addressed to the Student Accounting Office. Please note that due to privacy considerations, questions will only be answered over the telephone if the student is already logged into the student portal and is asking about specific account entries.


    Students may pay online via the student portal ( with a credit card or directly from their bank account. Payment by check or money order can also be mailed to: UMMC-STUDENT ACCOUNTING, 2500 N. STATE ST., JACKSON, MS, 39216-4505. Payment can be made in person in the Student Accounting Office located in the Learning Resource Center.

    Payments, including online payments, that are returned due to nonsufficient funds (NSF) will be charged a $30 NSF fee.

    Payment of tuition and fees is the responsibility of the student. Students who choose to pay their account with financial assistance should be aware that the billing cycle and payment deadlines still apply and should take care to promptly respond to all communication from the Financial Aid Office to facilitate timely posting of their scholarship, grant or loan funds. Late fees may be applied to any account not paid by the payment deadline.

    Accounts that are not paid on time will be placed on hold. Students may experience interruptions in various university services due to the account hold such as grades, transcripts, future class registrations and graduation regalia. Accounts must be brought current for the hold to be removed. If an immediate release of the hold is desired, the payment must be in cash, otherwise the account will remain on hold until checks clear or electronic payments have been collected. Should the account become delinquent, it will be placed with an outside collection agency and reported to the credit bureaus. Students are responsible for any fees incurred by the university in collecting the account. Collection costs can be up to 40% of the balance due, payable in addition to the original balance.

    Financial aid payments to students

    The University of Mississippi Medical Center recommends all students who expect to receive financial assistance to sign up for direct deposit into a checking account of their choice. To sign up for direct deposit, go to Once logged in, go to the main menu and click on “Update Bank Information.” Students who choose not to sign up for direct deposit will receive their financial aid refund via a paper check. Refunds of excess financial aid are processed daily.

    Please see below for conditions that apply to checks:


      • Checks are mailed to the student.
      • It may take up to two weeks to replace checks that are lost and have to be reissued.
      • The student will be charged a $30 stop payment fee for lost checks that have to be reissued.
      • If a check is not cashed within six months, the funds will be returned to the applicable financial aid program.