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  • Mentor Roles and Responsibilities

    Roles and Responsibilities – UMMC Mentors

    • Establish the initial contact with your assigned mentee within one week of receiving your assignment via e-mail.
    • Maintain regular contact with your mentee, offering support, appropriate advice, and encouragement to your mentee. You may choose to meet in person, or if you prefer, the relationship can be kept strictly to e-mail, Skype, or phone.
    • Share stories of past academic and career experiences when relevant and valuable, and refer your mentee to outside resources when necessary.
    • Focus on supporting and reinforcing your mentee’s strengths. Help bring out the positive and potential inherent in your mentee!
    • If your mentee is local, please feel free to invite him or her to campus to sit in on one of your classes or for a tour of campus.
    • Participate in an assessment survey at the end of each semester. Feedback from mentors is invaluable in our efforts to enhance the quality of the mentoring program.


    Peter Mittwede
    Graduate Student Body President


    Erin Taylor
    Associated Student Body Philanthropy Coordinator


    *Note: The above mentor responsibilities list was adapted from University of Pennsylvania's Graduate/Undergraduate Mentoring Program.