Mississippi Health Sciences Mentoring Program

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  • Mentee Roles and Responsibilities

    Roles and Responsibilities – Undergraduate Mentees

    • Respond to the initial contact email from your assigned mentor within a timely fashion, and maintain regular contact with your mentor.
    • Respect your mentor’s time. Remember that they are students too and have assignments and deadlines just like you do.
    • Have reasonable expectations for what your mentoring relationship will be. UMMC student mentors are more than happy to discuss their experiences as students as they relate to looking for grad schools, the application process, classes, research, etc. They are not equipped to be your tutor or editor.
    • Participate in an assessment survey at the end of each semester. Feedback from mentees is invaluable in our assessment efforts to enhance the quality of the mentoring program.


    Peter Mittwede
    Graduate Student Body President

    Erin Taylor
    Associated Student Body Philanthropy Coordinator


    *Note: The above responsibilities list was adapted from University of Pennsylvania's Graduate/Undergraduate Mentoring Program.