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  • The School Cup

    What is it?


    The School Cup is an annual, campus-wide competition at the University of Mississippi Medical Center among the six schools: Dentistry, Medicine, Health-Related Professions, Nursing, Pharmacy and Graduate Studies. Each school can earn points through various activities throughout the year. The school with them most points at the end of the academic year receives the coveted School Cup.

    How do we earn points? 

    • Intramural sports - The winner of each intramural sport receives 25 points for its school.  This includes male flag football, female flag football, male basketball, female basketball, volleyball, soccer, dodgeball and anything else that the ASB intramural sports chair decides to schedule.
    • Philanthropy - Each school may sponsor one philanthropy event each year that can be counted toward points for the School Cup. The event must be a competition that all schools can participate in.  The winner of School Cup points is determined on a per capita basis. The winner of each event gets 100 points, and points are distributed proportionally after that. The ASB philanthropy officer may promote additional events at his/her discretion. Example: If the School of Pharmacy sponsored a can drive, and SHRP (with 1,000 students) brought 1,000 cans while the School of Graduate Studies brought 500 cans (with 250 students), the School of Graduate would win 100 points (2 cans per student) whereas SHRP would win 50 points (1 can per student or half of 2 cans per student).  The School of Pharmacy may declare SHRP the winner because they brought the most cans, but the School of Graduate Studies would win the most School Cup points.
    • Party T-shirts - The school that buys the most party T-shirts per capita for each party will receive 25 School Cup points.
    • ESPN College Football Pick 'Em - Each week's winner of ESPN College Football Pick 'Em will receive 5 points for his/her school.  The overall winner will receive 25 points.
    • ESPN bracket challenge - The winner will receive 25 points for his/her school.
    • Halloween costume contest - The winner of the Halloween party costume contest will get 25 points for his/her school.
    • ASB Trivia Night - The winning team will receive 25 points for their school.  

    The School Cup winner will be announced on the last Friday of April. A ceremony with the presentation of the School Cup will follow shortly thereafter. The winning school will receive a pizza party sponsored by the ASB.