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  • Biomedical Illustration Services

    The following services are offered by Biomedical Illustration Services:

    Medical illustration

    This unit is staffed by certified medical illustrators and graphic designers and equipped to provide virtually any medical or scientific illustration needed for instruction, publication, presentation, and exhibition applications.

    • Highly technical surgical, medical, anatomical and product illustrations rendered in traditional and/or digital techniques, graphics for use in video productions, and technical illustrations of laboratory procedures
    • High quality animations of all medically related subjects (anatomy, surgical procedures, chemical and molecular reactions, etc.)
    • In-house scientific exhibit poster design and fabrication service for all exhibition formats
    • Logo, journal cover, and patch design

    Medical photography

    Our staff operates a full-service processing lab for both film and print, black/white and color in traditional and digital formats. The medical photographers are specially trained for situations and subjects unique to biomedical sciences.

    • Film and slide processing
    • Medical and surgical procedures in the operating room and other clinical settings.
    • Patient photography
    • Gross specimens, photomicrographs, electrophoresis gels, culture plates and equipment
    • Flat copy, artwork, radiographs, EKG's, charts and graphs for slide and digital output
    • Passport, I.D. application, and WebPage photos, faculty directory, special events, class composites, departmental group photos, and medical center building projects
    • Portrait packages


    Biomedical Illustration Services has the ability to create 2D and 3D animations! Animation can be a very helpful tool to teach or explain complex subject matter. Animation can show correct orientation, position, size relationships, and motion over time. If you have a project in mind, contact us to discuss your idea. Keep in mind that animations take a long time to produce, especially 3D animation. Production time for a typical 3D animation may be measured in weeks and months instead of days, so be prepared, and contact us early. Call 984-1215, and we will direct you to the appropriate person!

    Computer services

    An integral resource made available to the medical center faculty for converting traditional media to digital format for use in PowerPoint lectures and other presentations.

    • Image scanning for Web, PowerPoint presentations, high-resolution
    • Digital image retouching and composing
    • Transfer files to CD-R(RW), DVD
    • File conversions to publishing requirements
    • Image client-produced PostScript files

    Image scanning

    The department can scan images for use with PowerPoint presentations. When submitting requests for a scan, please specify how the image will be used and the proper resolution will be applied.