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  • Biomedical Illustration Services

    The responsibility of the Department of Biomedical Illustration Services (BIS) is to help improve student learning in the health sciences. BIS accomplishes this mission by offering products and services designed to facilitate teacher-learner interaction. In addition, the Department provides support for facilitating the two other components of the University of Mississippi Medical Center's (UMMC) mission: research and patient service.

    With digital technology advancements increasing the availability of information for instructional purposes, this institution is integrating computer technology across the campuses. As UMMC integrates technology for instructional purposes, the Department is leading the way into the future with a vision of providing top quality products and services in a timely fashion.

    Frequently asked questions

    How do I contact Biomedical Illustration Services?

    • Exhibits/Posters: (601) 984-1223; or (601) 984-1209, if no answer
    • Medical Illustration: (601) 984-1212, (601) 984-1214
    • Medical Photography: (601) 984-1215
    • Animation: (601) 984-1214

    What services are offered by Biomedical Illustration Services?

    • Medical illustration
    • Medical photography
    • Animation

    Where may I find examples of some of the work done by BIS?

    • Galleries of illustrations, photography and animation are available in the right-hand column of this page.

      Instructions for exhibits are available on the Services page.