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Using Entrust to Access Webmail FAQs

What do I do after I register to access my UMMC Webmail?
Once a user enrolls in Entrust, logging into Webmail from inside UMMC will not change. When logging into Webmail from outside of UMMC, the user will be prompted for a second-factor of authentication. This will require the user to do one of two options:

  • To "complete a transaction" using the Entrust Mobile App
  • Enter a "security code" generated by the Entrust Mobile App

View step-by-step instructions on our Entrust tip sheet titled, "Logging Into Entrust Authorization Webmail Procedure."

Why is it only asking me to authenticate when I open my email?
At this time, only Webmail requires authentication by Entrust. In the near future, Citrix and VPN access will also be protected with Entrust.

Why does Entrust ask me to authenticate sometimes and not all the time?
Within the Entrust system, we have Risk Based Analysis (RBA) configured, which allows the Entrust system to detect if a user is logging into Webmail from inside or outside of UMMC's network. When inside UMMC, Entrust will not require a user to enter a second factor of authentication. When outside of the UMMC network, however, users will be required to enter a second-factor of authentication to complete the log-in process.