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General Questions About BlackBerry Work App

What are the benefits of using this app?
With the BlackBerry Work app, you can trust that your personal data, apps, and location are private. If your phone becomes compromised, lost, or stolen, DIS can wipe, clear, or lock UMMC data from the device. When you password changes, it will automatically update on all of your devices that contain the BlackBerry Work app. Users will also be able to carry one device and easily shift between business and personal apps.

Do I have to use the BlackBerry Work app on my mobile device?
While UMMC does not require employees to install email on mobile devices, if you choose to do so, you must do so through the BlackBerry Work app.

Can I use my native email app or Outlook app on my mobile device?
Due to security concerns in many smart devices, your UMMC email account will no longer be accessible via your device's built-in email app or the Outlook app.

Do I need to download this app on my computer as well?
No, you only need to download the BlackBerry Work app on your mobile device: smart phones, tablets, etc.

What mobile device is compatible with the BlackBerry Work app?
The BlackBerry Work app will work with the iPhone 5 or newer, as well as any smart Android device. This includes smart phones, tablets, and the Apple Watch. At this time, the app is not compatible with the Windows phone and the iPhone 4s or older.

If you see a need for mobile access to your UMMC email, but own a non-compatible device, contact UMMC Communication Services at ext. 4-1002, or via email for an alternative method.

Does BlackBerry Work support multiple calendars?
Currently, BlackBerry Work does not support multiple calendars.

Can I update my signature in the app?
Yes! Simply tap "Settings" > "MAIL" > "Signature."

What happened to the Good Work app?
In January 2017, the Good Work app was renamed the BlackBerry Work app. This is the same app, only with a different name and logo.

If I had the Good Work app, do I need to download a new app on my device?
If you were already a Good Work app use prior to January 2017, you will not have to take any action regarding this change. Your sign-in information will not change, and your data and contacts will not be lost as you continue to use the app to access your UMMC mobile email.

If you have your device set to automatically update apps, you will not have to take any action. The app and logo will change with the next app update. If you usually manually update your other apps, you may have to go to the App Store on your device to update. Regardless, you may continue to download the app on multiple devices, free of charge, in the App Store on your device.