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Microsoft OneDrive

What is OneDrive, and how does it work?
Much like Box, Microsoft OneDrive allows users to continue sharing and storing UMMC files and documents in a secure cloud format. Through OneDrive, you can safely access and edit your files from anywhere, on any device. You can also collaborate with other users through Sharepoint via OneDrive.

Do I need to register first?
There is no need to register or sign up, as all UMMC email users already have an account through their UMMC credentials (email address/password combination), just as it was with Box.

How do I log in?
To get started with OneDrive, click the "OneDrive" icon in your system tray (taskbar) or visit OneDrive for Business online.

How do I access my files through OneDrive?
Similar to Box, you can sync your OneDrive account to your PC or Mac. When you want to save a document to your OneDrive account, simply select "Save As," then "Microsoft OneDrive" as the destination. You can access your files from your mobile device as well via the OneDrive app (available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone).

Is there an app for OneDrive?
Yes, the OneDrive app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. With the app, you can access your files from any mobile device.

How do I get to my OneDrive account on my computer?

Open your browser, then type: ummc-my.sharepoint.com.

What kinds of files can I upload to OneDrive?

OneDrive will accept any type of file for storage. However, file names with the percentage symbol (%) will not sync in OneDrive.

I have two OneDrive accounts on my UMMC computer. Which one do I use?

Some users may have two accounts on their computer. The Personal OneDrive account option may appear if you have registered with OneDrive outside of UMMC. If you already have a UMMC Microsoft Office 365 online account, your UMMC OneDrive account will sync with this.

How do I save the documents I've edited in OneDrive?

OneDrive conveniently allows you to edit documents using Microsoft 365 online. However, the "Save" feature is not listed in the online Office 365 applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), because the file automatically saves to its SYNC counterpart. As you are working, the file automatically saves. The "Save As" feature is available, though, just in case you prefer to save your file with another name or in another location.

Is a OneDrive account required for all UMMC employees?
No, OneDrive is an option for anyone who would like to store or share files in a cloud format.

Will OneDrive replace my network drive as well (U or Z Drive)?
Not at all. OneDrive will ONLY replace Box for cloud-format storage and sharing.

Why are we changing from Box to OneDrive?
OneDrive is already included in the Microsoft Office suite owned by UMMC. So, rather than renewing a contract with Box, UMMC has decided to use a great resource that we already own.

Box to OneDrive file transfers

How will I know when my files are going to be transferred from Box to OneDrive?
You will receive an email a week prior to your transfer letting you know the date that your files will be transferred. You will also receive an email reminder the day before. All file transfers will occur after normal business hours.

After my files are transferred to OneDrive, will I be able to access my files in Box?

Yes, but only until Dec. 31. However, once the transfer occurs, you will only be able to view your files in a Read-Only format when in Box. Because of this, DIS recommends you begin saving, storing, and editing your files to OneDrive from now on.

Will I still be able to upload, store, and edit files to OneDrive?
Yes! OneDrive will work very similarly to Box. By using OneDrive, you have the option to save, share, store, and edit files, just as you would in Box.

I have shared folders with other users in Box. Will these files and collaborations transfer to OneDrive as well?
Yes, all files (shared or unshared) will transfer. If you have shared files with internal (UMMC) users, those collaborations will transfer and those files will still be shared with the same users when you log into OneDrive. However, if you have shared files with external (non-UMMC) users, you will have to re-share those files with the external users once you log into OneDrive.