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Before Installing BlackBerry Work App

Where do I find the instructions to download the BlackBerry Work App on my mobile device?
There are many tip sheets available with step-by-step instructions located on the Good Work UMMC internet page.

I see more than one app in the App Store with the name “BlackBerry.” Which one do I choose?
UMMC users should download the App titled “BlackBerry Work” by BlackBerry.                                         

Do I use my UMMC password when registering my BlackBerry Work App?
During the initial set-up, BlackBerry Work will ask for a security password. Enter a minimum 4-character code (this can be anything you choose) instead of your UMMC password, since this password will be used as a fall back for users using the Touch ID (authenticate using your finger) or as the passcode to open the Good Work App each time. For step-by-step instructions, see our tip sheet titled, “BlackBerry Work Password Information.”

Can I download the BlackBerry Work App on more than one device?
Users are welcome to download and register the app on up to 5 devices used for UMMC work. As you use the app, your information and data will update on all of your devices that contain the Good Work app. An Access Key will be needed for each device. See our tip sheet titled, “BlackBerry Work App for your Mobile Device,” for instructions.

How do I get an Access Key to install BlackBerry Work App on another device?
Visit the “BlackBerry Work” Self Service Portal at https://mobilecontrol.umc.edu/.  Type your UMMC credentials. 

Domain name: NTUMMC > Access Keys >New Access Key

See our tip sheet titledBlackBerry Work App for your Mobile Device” for instructions.