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August 20, 2021: Image Description


The UMMC COVID-19 patient status graphic provides an overview of the daily patient status at UMMC. The graphic outlines the overall Medical Center patient case numbers and the vaccination status for those hospitalized.


Numerical values presented on the image:

135 total inpatient COVID-19 cases, with 105 adult patients and 30 children confirmed or suspected cases. Of the COVID positive patients, 70.3% are unvaccinated, 8.5% are fully vaccinated and 10.6% are not eligible for the vaccine.


The first section of the COVID-19 patient status graphic is a pie chart that provides an overview of the percentage of COVID-19 patients who are vaccinated. *Vaccination percentages do not include persons under investigation.

The second section breaks down the total patient COVID-19 cases by adults and children with a graphic that includes blue figures representing adult COVID-19 patients and gray figures representing pediatric patients.

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