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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    As Dr. Keeton's "We Are UMMC" letter explains, the organization is embracing a single, unified identity. As part of this transition, we're making improvements to our family of health care brands. We hope the questions and answers below will give you full understanding of the changes ahead.

    Q. Did the UMMC logo change?

    A: Yes. The font and colors in the UMMC logo changed slightly, and we've added a logo option that uses the words Education, Research and Healthcare underneath to emphasize our three-pronged mission when appropriate.

    Q: Is University of Mississippi Health Care (UMHC) going away?

    A: Yes, UMHC was created five years ago to identify the clinical services of UMMC and to help improve consumers' awareness of our healthcare services. We've accomplished our goals with UMHC and believe it is in the organization’s best interest to embrace all three missions under one name and promote a single, unified identity for the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

    Q: How and why are our pediatric brands changing?

    A: As our pediatric services continue to expand and we make plans to market many new pediatric specialties and subspecialties throughout the region, a global children’s brand provides us an overarching way to reinforce the comprehensive nature of our pediatric services.

    This new brand, Children's Healthcare of Mississippi, encompasses Batson Children's Hospital, all our pediatric clinics, The Children's Heart Center, The Children's Cancer Center as well as all our pediatric service lines. We will continue to individually and actively market the hospital, clinics, centers and service lines, but we will also have the new opportunity to market the overall pediatric organization under a single identity. This opportunity is exciting to our senior leadership, physician teams and communications groups.

    All pediatric brand logos are being updated, but we are awaiting final legal and trademark clearance. As such, use of the pediatric logos is still pending. Please check back soon to view the new logos. 

    Q: Will the University Physicians brand or logo go away?

    A: No, the name and identity of University Physicians will remain, and this entity will continue managing ambulatory operations. However, the UP logo has been updated to be consistent with the organization's other brands. Our physicians and clinics will continue to be marketed under the brand name of University Physicians. But legally, University Physicians will become a division within University Hospitals and Health System, alongside Batson Children's Hospital and the adult hospitals.

    Q: Do I need to order new business cards and letterhead?

     A: No. We recommend that you go through your current stock of printed materials, and only when you run out of the stock should you reorder materials with the updated logo. The next few months will be a period of transition for the brand. Though no new materials should be produced with the old logos, it will take an extended period of time to completely transition. The UMMC Printing Department is aware of all changes to the brand standards and can assist in you in printing new materials. Click here to view the new brand standards on Brand Central .

    Q: Do I need to order a new lab coat?

    A: If you have a lab coat with the UMHC logo, it is recommended that you replace it with a new lab coat featuring an updated UMMC logo within the next 6-12 months. If you have a lab coat with the Batson Children's Hospital logo, you should replace it with a new lab coat featuring the Children's Healthcare of Mississippi logo within the next 6-12 months. TC's Uniforms, the UMMC Bookstore and Meds & Threads are aware of all changes and can assist you in ordering a new lab coat.

    Q: What will happen to umhc.com?

    A: The consumer-targeted clinical website, umhc.com, still exists but under the new URL, ummchealth.com. For a period of time, the URL umhc.com will redirect visitors to ummchealth.com.

    Q: What will happen to the UMHC Mobile website?

    A: The UMHC Mobile site, m.umhc.com, will also still exist, but under a new URL, m.ummchealth.com.

    Q: What is the UMMC organizational structure?

     A: To review UMMC's current organizational structure, click here.

    Q: What is the brand structure?

    A: A brand structure reflects how an organization's brands (or logos) are related to each other. It provides a hierarchy of identities that communicates how each of our parts is related to each other. One purpose of a brand structure is to help patients/consumers better understand an organization's services. To review UMMC's current brand structure, click here.

    Q: No matter what we call ourselves, many people still refer to us "UMC." Do we have rules about that?

    A: For many years we used the term "University Medical Center," and the initials UMC. That term was used throughout the United States, and is still widely used today, to identify medical centers that had the prestige of being part of a university. Even though we formally stopped using University Medical Center during the last decade, the UMC abbreviation stuck, and it seems unlikely that it will fall out of use any time soon. We ask that our employees please use "UMMC" in writing, when an abbreviation is appropriate, and especially on forms, signs and in other official uses.

    Q: Are other logos within the organization affected by this change?

    A: Most logos, including service line, department and school logos, within the organization have been updated. The colors of the logo and the font did change slightly. Within the next few weeks, you will be able to download the new logos on Brand Central. In the meantime, if you need the new logo, or if you have any questions about your area’s logo, please contact marketing@umc.edu.

    Q: What is the timeline for these changes to take effect?

    A: You will immediately begin seeing changes in the brand, however, everything will not change overnight. Our brand will be in a period of transition for months, so please be patient as we make updates. If you have any questions, please contact marketing@umc.edu.