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  • When to Refer to a Chaplain

    Patients in the Adult ICU's should automatically be referred to a chaplain when these triggers are met:

    Emergency referrals

    • Patient/family requests chaplain ASAP
    • Extreme patient/family anxiety, emotional/spiritual distress
    • Action - Page the on-call chaplain

    Non-emergency referrals

    • Patient/family request
    • Poor/uncertain prognosis
    • Suicide attempt
    • Complete SCI
    • Code on floor
    • Prognosis will most likely end in lengthy stay, support withdrawal or comfort care
    • End-of-life discussions
    • Trauma patient with likely survivor grief/guilt
    • Spiritual/religious distress, questioning or seeking
    • Action - Enter referral in Epic

    Other referrals

    Instances may include:

    • Anytime a request is made by a patient or family member.
    • When a patient or family struggles with faith issues or concerns or appears in need of support.
    • When a patient or family seeks religious resources, such as religious or inspirational literature, sacraments or prayer.
    • When a patient or family member has received new information or difficult news about diagnosis or treatment.
    • When a patient or family is dealing with end-of-life issues or decisions.
    • When a patient or family is dealing with ethical issues, decisions or concerns.
    • When a patient or family is dealing with issues of life, meaning or purpose.

    For emergency referrals, page the on-call chaplain. UMMC staff may make non-emergency referrals through computer entry in Epic.