Mississippi Poison Control Center

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  • Resident Rotation

    Toxicology problems are a common component of emergency medicine.  These problems range from the treatment of drug overdoses and unintentional ingestions, to the treatment of snake bites, to the treatment of hazardous chemical exposures that occur in the workplace or as a result of terrorist activity. Since nearly all acute exposures will be initially treated by an emergency physician, it is imperative that emergency physicians be well trained in the treatment of treatment of toxic exposures and their resulting health effects.

    The UMMC Emergency Medicine residency training program includes two three-week rotations in medical toxicology. During these rotations, residents work on an individual basis with the medical toxicologist and the resident assumes the role of a consultant. Residents provide toxicology consults, under the supervision of the Medical Toxicology staff physician, in the adult and pediatric emergency departments, hospital wards, ICUs and in an outpatient clinic. The resident also assumes a consultant role for the Mississippi Poison Control Center. When physicians from around the state request help with the management of difficult toxicology cases, the resident researches the cases, discusses them with the staff medical toxicologist, and then directly interacts with the physician requesting assistance.

    For more information on the type of consults that residents are involved in, click on consult service.