Mississippi Poison Control Center

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  • Patient Referral and Consult Service

    Medical Toxicology was established as a formal medical specialty at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in 1996 under the department of Emergency Medicine. UMMC now serves as the toxicology referral center for Mississippi.

    The Medical Toxicology Service serves as a consult service for all of UMC hospitals and clinics, including the adult and pediatric emergency departments and intensive care units, as well as all inpatient and outpatient units. The Medical Toxicology Service also is the primary medical resource for the Mississippi Poison Control Center. All physicians in Mississippi have ready access to medical specialists to help in the management of patients suffering from toxic exposures.


    Patient referral

    Referrals to the UMMC Medical Toxicology Clinic are made through a patient's private physician.  If you feel that you have a problem that requires evaluation by a medical toxicologist, please discuss it with your physician. 

    If your physician feels that a medical toxicology evaluation is warranted, they should call (601) 984-5577. We will require a copy of pertinent medical records and a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) on the substance in question.

    If you feel that you may have health problems that might be related to mold exposure, please see your personal physician or perhaps an allergist.  For most domestic exposures, we do not feel that mold produces toxicity-related health problems. For more information on mold-related health problems, please see the CDC website. 

    The UMMC Medical Toxicology Service does not condone, or provide services for chelation for heart disease or arteriosclerosis, detoxification therapy for environmental exposures, or megavitamin therapy for "toxic exposures."  We also do not perform chelation therapy for autism.