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    Mississippi MED-1 possesses everything necessary to provide a 50-bed field hospital to support any area that may have such a crisis to require augmented medical support.

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    AtĀ its core, MED-1 utilizes a Western Shelter Gatekeeper System which is transported via its Mobile Response Trailer System (MRTS).

    The MRTS is a 53-foot custom-built trailer including multiple amenities, such as:

    • Command center
    • Onboard mounted generator or shore-power electrical distribution
    • Immediate communication support once on-site
    • Heavy-duty E-Track cargo securement
    • Climate control
    • Exterior electric powered roll-up awnings
    • Team sleeping accommodations, once shelters are off-loaded
    • Storage for Western Shelter Systems GateKeeper Field Hospitals
    • Programmable lift gates
    • Roof Observation platform


    Six Western Shelter Gatekeeper I-1935's are housed within the Mobile Response Trailer System. At approximately 600 square feet of usable floor space, these shelters are fully insulated, heated and cooled. With a trained team of usually 4-6 individuals, each shelter requires about 45 minutes to build, with no tools required. Amenities included in each shelter include:

    • Complete fluorescent lighting, with dimmer sleeves for nighttime visibility
    • Complete electrical wiring to supply power for medical devices
    • Vestibules to interconnect shelters, providing over 3,800 feet of total usable workspace once all six shelters are established
    • Vinyl flooring
    • Hygiene centers
    • Work space tables
    • Medical supply hanging bags

    And more

    Additionally, Mississippi MED-1 is supported by a Rapid Response Trailer and two 24-foot tandem axle supply trailers. The Rapid Response Trailer contains one Gatekeeper I-1935, complete with generator, climate control and communications equipment.

    Through the Mississippi Office of Homeland Security, the Metropolitan Medical Response System grant program has purchased three prime movers for use by Mississippi MED-1 and the state medical response system. These much needed vehicles are used to mobilize resources needed for medical care with MED-1, in addition to providing support for the metropolitan Jackson, MS, area for assistance related to any event as requested through MMRS.