Isolation Guidelines

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  • Visitors

    Visitors are responsible for complying with isolation/precautions and should talk with a nurse before entering the room of the patient on isolation/precautions.

    Isolation garb was not designed for infants or young children. We recommend that infants and young children not visit patients on isolation. If there are extenuating circumstances where a child who does not fit into garb must visit, please call an Infection Preventionist 2 at (601) 984-2188.


    • If indicated, instruct visitors in the appropriate use of gown, mask, gloves or other special precautions.
    • Unnecessary articles (hat, coat) should be placed outside the isolation room.¬† A handbag may be placed in a large plastic bag so that it will not become contaminated in a Contact or Droplet Isolation room.
    • Only articles that can be disinfected, washed or discarded (disposable) should be taken into room.
    • Instruct visitors not to sit on patient's bed and to avoid handling any articles used by patient.
    • Limit visitors to 1 or 2 at a time.
    • When visitors leave the room, they should be instructed in the proper¬†removal of gown, gloves and mask.
    • Instruct visitors to wash their hands before and after visiting any patient on isolation/precautions.
    • For more information on visitors at UMMC, visit the UMMC Intranet and click on Health Care on the left-hand column, Document/Manuals, Hospital Administration, and click "Visiting Policy."