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  • Varicella

    Isolation requirements

    • Disease: Varicella (chickenpox), including varicella pneumonia
    • Category: Contact Precautions are required in addition to Airborne Precautions and Standard Precautions for patients with chicken pox as this disease may also be spread by droplets. An airborne mask must be used, but should be discarded after one use.
    • Infective material: Respiratory secretions and skin lesions
    • Duration of isolation: Until all skin lesions have crusted
    • Comments: Call Infection Control (601-984-2188) for all chicken pox cases, chicken pox exposures, and recommendations for exposed personnel and patients. Negative pressure room required. Susceptible personnel should not enter room if immune caregivers available. Pregnant care providers should not enter room. Wear isolation mask regardless of immune status. Immunocompromised patients with varicella pneumonia may have prolonged viral shedding and require isolation past time of crusting of skin lesions. Babies born to mothers who develop chicken pox 5 days prior to or within 48 hours after delivery should be placed in Airborne Infection Isolation/Contact Precautions. Person who receive the varicella vaccine can still contract mild disease that may be potentially infectious to susceptible patients. Health care workers who receive the vaccine should report to Student-Employee Health Service if they are exposed.

    Class 1

    This is a Class 1 reportable disease.

    • Class 1: Diseases of major or public health importance which shall be reported directly to the Department of Health by telephone within 24 hours of first knowledge or suspicion.

    Reporting hotline

    • 1-800-556-0003, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday
    • To report inside Jackson telephone area or for consultative services: (601) 576-7725, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday 
    • Class 1 conditions may be reported nights, weekends and holidays by calling (601) 576-7400.