Isolation Guidelines

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  • Use of Portable HEPA Filters

    • The hospital provides high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration units to reduce hospital-acquired infection risks to employees, patients and visitors. Portable HEPA filter(s) are assigned to each floor throughout the hospital for use if a negative pressure isolation room is unavailable.  
    • When in use, the machine should be centrally located in the patient’s room without impeding patient care and without interfering with the operation and maintenance of other equipment already in the room. 
    • If the equipment assigned to that floor is already in use and another is needed, an unused unit on another floor or unit could be used. 
    • After a patient requiring Airborne Infection Isolation Precautions is discharged from the room, the filter should be allowed to run for one hour. After this time, the room maybe re-entered without the need of wearing the N-95 particulate respirator.