Infection Prevention

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  • TheraDoc System

    TheraDoc, Inc.® is a medical informatics company that designs, markets and implements expert systems for clinical decision support. TheraDoc’s software is designed to help meet today’s health care challenges by providing clinicians with tools that enhance their abilities to deliver high quality, evidence-based care which aids to effectively reduce medical errors, lower treatment costs and improve the quality and safety of patient care.

    TheraDoc provides real-time, expert clinical decision support modules that reason across electronic medical records and can be integrated with existing hospital information systems.

    TheraDoc’s software augments clinical decision-making by providing health care professionals with knowledge-enriched, disease-specific recommendations for treatments, tests and referrals based on individual patient profiles.

    The software integrates individual electronic patient records (EPR) with coded clinical data, global medical knowledge and institutional protocols. TheraDoc’s technology provides the power to reason and make clinical inferences across the patient record, using data from multiple sources within an institution’s existing information systems.

    Features of the TheraDoc software include patient-specific intelligent ordering assistance with alerts and reminders, and where appropriate, population-based services providing expanded disease-specific surveillance and alerting.

    The Antibiotic Assistant module integrates patient data with coded clinical data, global medical knowledge, institutional protocols and epidemiological factors, all of which are integrated with a hospital's legacy system. The result is groundbreaking medical technology that interprets records, alerts clinicians, and recommends treatment options.

    Through sophisticated knowledge-based engines, the software considers all possible ways in which an infectious disease can be managed and eliminates those options that are contra indicated due to mitigating factors (e.g. allergies, neutropenia) and patient attributes (e.g. height, weight, age).

    The Infection Control system, TheraDoc, and the integrity of its data will be protected through controlled access.

    Physical and electronic security for the hardware and software used to process, store and transmit data will be in accordance with the University Medical Center Information Policy. The policy applies to all personnel granted access to TheraDoc.

    System access

    There will be a standardized form for requesting access to TheraDoc, which must be completed and approved by the individual’s supervisor prior to granting access. No employee will be granted access to the TheraDoc system without written authorization. TheraDoc will be used independently from other applications.

    The form with the approved access will be routed to the TheraDoc Security Administrator for access to be granted to TheraDoc. Click here to download the access form.

    The TheraDoc Security Administrator will periodically review user lists for monitoring system access to TheraDoc.


    The TheraDoc Security Administrator will have the responsibility for the maintenance and set up of security and user passwords in a manner compliant with the University of Mississippi Medical Center Information policy. If an employee cannot remember his/her password, the employee must call the Help Desk. The Help Desk will verify an employee’s identification before resetting a password.

    Terminations and transfers

    The TheraDoc Security Administrator will receive weekly termination and transfer reports from the Data Security Administrator. These reports will be checked against TheraDoc to verify that access has been revoked for terminated employees or employees who have transferred and no longer needs access to TheraDoc.

    In the event of an immediate or hostile termination, the Data Security Administrator will immediately notify the TheraDoc Security Administrator for the removal of the employee from TheraDoc.


    Access for rehires will be evaluated individually based on prior and current job duties. If it is determined that no changes are required, the employee will be given the previous access levels as of the rehire date.


    The TheraDoc Security Administrator will make user lists and other security reports readily available for auditing.

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