Isolation Guidelines

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  • Securing Signatures for Contact, Airborne and Droplet Isolation Precautions

    • Don gloves, gown and mask as indicated on door sign. Enter room.
    • Place unfolded paper towel(s) on overbed table.
    • Place document to be signed on top of towel(s) allowing patient to read document (or read it to patient).
    • Cover top and bottom of document with paper towel(s) leaving signature area exposed so patient's hands will not rest on document.
    • Have patient sign; remove covering paper towels and discard. Leave pen in room.
    • Remove gloves and gown; cleanse hands with alcohol hand antiseptic.
    • Pick up document without contaminating hands.
    • Exit from isolation room using a clean paper towel barrier to protect hands when opening door. Place document on isolation cart outside door.
    • Remove mask, if worn, handling only ties of mask and discard in trash barrel outside of the room.