Isolation Guidelines

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  • How to Run an EKG on an Isolated Patient

    • To enter isolation room, follow appropriate isolation procedures indicated on door sign. Double gloving may be done so that the person performing the EKG can remove the outer gloves after attaching the leads to the patient and before they touch the EKG machine, so as to avoid contaminating it.
    • Keep EKG machine from coming in contact with the patient's bed.
    • Do not allow the EKG paper to touch the floor or any other surface in the patient’s room
    • Use disposable electrodes or wash suction cups (after use with a hospital disinfectant (leave wet for 5 minutes if used on VRE patient).
    • After EKG has been completed and the leads disconnected from the patient, remove gloves and cleanse hands. With clean hands, fold the paper and remove it from the patient’s room so that it does not become contaminated.
    • Don clean gloves; wipe off EKG machine and leads with hospital disinfectant (leave wet for 5 minutes if used on patient with VRE).
    • Remove garb following procedure.