Isolation Guidelines

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  • Removing Gloves, Gowns and Mask

    The important principal behind the use of the gown is that the outer surface (which comes into contact with the patient, the bed and other articles used or touched by the patient) is considered to be contaminated; the inside of the gown is considered clean. Gowns should not be worn outside the isolation room.


    • Remove gloves. Peel gloves off by turning them inside out. Place fingers of ungloved hand inside cuff of the other glove and peel off. Discard in trash can in room.
    • Unfasten waist of gown in back.
    • Unfasten neck attachment and remove gown by sliding your hands under the inside back edges of the gown at the neck. Pull it off, turning inside out. Roll gown so that the contaminated outside becomes the inside. Discard in appropriate receptacle.
    • Cleanse hands in the room and exit the room using a paper towel barrier on the door handle OR cleanse hands just outside of the room upon exiting.
    • Remove mask, handling only the ties of the mask, and discard in trash. If visibly soiled with blood or body fluids, discard in red hazardous waste container. If front of mask is accidentally touched, cleanse hands again.