Isolation Guidelines

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  • Food Service and Disposal

    • All dishes will be reusable, eliminating the need for disposable trays and dishes (disposable articles may be used during water shortages).
    • Nutrition Services personnel will not deliver or collect trays from the rooms of patients on precautions.
    • Dishes and/or food trays from any patient's room that are visibly contaminated by blood or body fluids should be placed in a plastic bag before being returned to the food cart. Personnel who handle these dishes should wear gloves. The empty bag will be discarded into a regulated medical waste container.
    • Routine automatic dishwashing machines are adequate for cleaning dishes from all isolation rooms.
    • Tray delivery and pick-up for patients on isolation precautions.

    Nutrition Services personnel should place meal tray on the isolation cart in the corridor.

    Unit personnel will don appropriate isolation garb and deliver food tray to overbed table in patient's room; this should be done as soon as possible after the tray is delivered to ensure best food quality and temperature and to minimize the risk of food poisoning.

    After patient has finished eating, unit personnel wearing gloves will return the reusable dishes, utensils and tray directly to the empty food cart in a plastic bag.

    If the food cart is not available for returning the food tray, put the tray in a plastic bag (be careful not to contaminate the outside of the bag), close and place in the in the dirty utility room.

    Unit personnel should remove any isolation garb following procedure.