Isolation Guidelines

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  • Dressings: No-Touch Technique

    Dressings are not to be handled by ungloved hands because of the possibility of transmitting pathogenic organisms.


    • Cleanse hands.
    • Don appropriate isolation garb as indicated on door sign.
    • Don "clean" gloves. Enter room, bringing in only necessary supplies.
    • Loosen dressing all around.
    • Place one gloved hand on top of dressing and then with the other hand (size permitting) peel the glove off over the hand holding the dressing so that the dressing is inside the glove. This permits the glove to act as a disposal bag.
    • Dressings saturated or caked with blood and/or body fluids should be discarded in a medical waste container (red can). Dressings with scanty contamination with blood and/or body fluids may be discarded in the regular trash.
    • Cleanse hands.
    • Don exam gloves and proceed to apply the new dressing, using aseptic technique.