Isolation Guidelines

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  • Donning Gown, Masks and Gloves

    Gowns, masks, and gloves can be obtained from an isolation cart or drawers.

    Special instructions

    • Isolation gowns are intended to protect the clothing of the person attending to the colonized/infected patient.
    • Masks act as protective filters and are worn to lessen the risk of transmission of pathogenic organisms.
    • Patients' charts should not be taken into room.


    • Remove laboratory coats before donning the gown.
    • If masks are indicated by the isolation door sign, apply mask over mouth and nose, molding the band above the nose, making mask conform to contour of nose. Do not wear mask on forehead, around neck, or dangling from ear.¬†Isolation masks must be used only once, but particulate respirators (N-95 masks) may be worn more than once as long as there is a tight seal and no evidence of condensation or soiling.
    • Put on gown, overlapping well in back to cover clothing. Tie neck and waist strings securely.
    • Put on gloves by pulling up over cuff of gown to protect wrist.
    • Enter room, leaving all unnecessary articles outside room.