Isolation Guidelines

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  • Disposal of Bodily Discharges

    Stool, urine and emesis

    • Pour discharge into toilet and flush. Avoid soiling the outer edges of the commode and be careful not to splash onto self or the environment. Blue pads or diapers contaminated with urine or feces not visibly containing blood may be placed in the regular trash.
    • Remove personal protective equipment and dispose of it properly.
    • Cleanse hands.


    • Instruct patient to expectorate into a cup; have patient keep the cup covered with a lid.
    • Don non-sterile gloves (and other isolation garb if indicated by door sign).
    • When disposing of the specimen cup, fasten the lid securely. Discard the specimen cup into a red medical waste container.
    • Remove gloves (and isolation garb, if worn).
    • Cleanse hands.