Isolation Guidelines

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  • Caring for Isolated Patient After Death

    • Personnel should use the same precautions to protect themselves during postmortem handling of the body that they would use if the isolated patient was still alive.
    • The body should be adequately identified with appropriate isolation/precautions stickers on the toe tag so that autopsy personnel and funeral home can maintain appropriate precautions during preparation of the body. For purposes of confidentiality, the diagnosis of the patient should not be placed on the toe tag.


    • Don isolation garb (gown, mask, and gloves) as indicated by isolation room signs.
    • Draining areas should be covered by nursing personnel withadequate dressing.
    • Place body on sheet-covered stretcher.
    • Cover body with clean sheet.
    • After readying body for transport, remove isolation garb and wash hands.
    • Transport body to the UMMC orgue and leave on stretcher. Wash stretcher thoroughly with hospital disinfectant.