Isolation Guidelines

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  • Care of Linen

    • All laundry will be placed inside a cloth linen bag designated for such use.
    • If the outside of a bag becomes contaminated with blood or body fluids, the bag should be placed inside another plastic bag. Any laundry known or suspected to be contaminated by blood or body fluids should be handled with gloves. These measures are to protect health care and laundry personnel from accidental exposure to blood or body fluids. Laundry should never be placed inside a red bag.
    • Linen bags from isolation rooms should be handled with gloves and be placed directly into the laundry bin in the soiled utility room. The outside of these bags is potentially contaminated. The linen bag should not be thrown directly on the floor of the dirty utility room, nor should it be dragged across the floor of the unit.
    • Linen that has been in contact with chlorhexidine should be segregated and labeled CHG, if possible, due to the fact that permanent brown stains result from contact with bleach in the wash cycle.