Isolation Guidelines

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  • How to Administer Blood Products

    The following pertains to patients on Contact, Droplet or Airborne Precautions.

    • Don isolation garb as indicated on door sign.
    • Enter room to confirm patient’s identification. Second staff member holding the blood product remains at the doorway.
    • When patient name, medical record number and blood bank number printed on the compatibility tag are confirmed to match those on the hospital ID band and blood bank ID band attached to the patient, record signatures of identifying personnel. Staff member at doorway will hand the blood product to the garbed staff member in the isolation room, keeping one copy of the blood transfusion slip outside of the room, so that it will not become contaminated.
    • Record vital signs on the transfusion slips attached to the blood product in the room and transpose onto the slip outside of the room. Alternatively, the contaminated slip from inside the room may be attached to a progress note and placed in a page protector in a manner so as not to contaminate the external surfaces before being placed into patient’s chart.
    • Do not allow blood product to come into contact with contaminated surfaces in isolation rooms. If a blood product is taken into one of the above-mentioned isolation rooms and is laid on a surface, it is considered contaminated and must be wasted in the room and not returned to the Blood Bank. (It is not possible to disinfect the blood product due to the permeability of the blood collection bag.) The nursing unit should notify the Blood Bank of the blood product unit number so that the patient will not be charged for the unit and so that proper documentation as to the correct dispensation of that unit can be completed by the Blood Bank.
    • If a blood cooler is taken into one of the above-mentioned isolation rooms and the cooler was not opened, or the blood products were not touched, then the external surfaces of the cooler should be disinfected with hospital disinfectant as it is brought out of the isolation room (leave wet for 5 minutes if taken in a VRE room).