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  • Policies, Procedures & Forms

    Naming procedure / trademark search

    UMMC Marketing works through our legal department to conduct trademark searches for any and all name usage and design. To propose a name for trademark review, please email the following information:

    • Proposed name and secondary back-up options
    • A detailed description of the service, program or publication which is being named
    • Budget code (Please note that the UMMC legal department works with an outside expert in trademark law for all trademark searches. The requesting department will incur all associated fees.)

    Adult Hospital Digital Media Player Policies

    The UMMC Marketing Department owns and manages the content on the Digital Media Player (DMP) located in the lobby of the adult hospital.

    • The primary audience for the DMP content is visitors to our hospital.
    • The secondary audience for the DMP content is staff, employees and students.
    • The goal of the DMP content is to market our facilities, services, physicians and programs so that audiences have a better understanding of UMMC.
    • Appropriate content includes
      • Special messages from UMMC executive leadership
      • UMMC print advertising
      • University physician announcement advertising
      • UMMC videos and commercials
      • Special announcements pertaining to UMMC events, sponsorships and promotions
      • Other global messages that would be welcoming and relevant to visitors and employees
    • To submit a request for content consideration, contact us at All content must be reviewed, formatted and approved by the Marketing Department, as well as approved by other relevant stakeholders such as department chairs and clinical or administrative leadership.
  • UMMC Marketing Project Request Form

    The UMMC marketing department provides design and copy services for UMMC programs and services. Requesting departments are responsible for all fees associated with printing, custom photography and/or mailing, unless otherwise approved. Please complete the form below for your request to be processed. All project requests and deadlines are subject to approval by the UMMC marketing team. For questions, contact us at

    Project Details

    Project Name*
    Requested completion date
    (Standard turnaround time is 6-8 weeks)
    Requesting department*
    Phone Number()-- ext.
    Project description and objective (please include target audience)
    Requested format (i.e. poster, panel card, brochure, advertisement):
    Is this request related to a specific event?
    If so, what is the event date?
    Requested logo/brand identity
    Estimated wait time for patient appointments (clinical services only)

    Budget & Production Information

    Accounting unit*
    Manager authorized to approve expenditure*
    Deliver to (Name)*
    Phone Number*()-- ext.
    Project Budget*
    Quote needed to decide quantity?*
    Manager's Name*
    Date approved*