School of Dentistry

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  • Dental Board Members
    Dental Board Members

    School of Dentistry

    Board of Directors


    Dr. Heather Tutor, Madison

    Dr. Sherry Gwin, Jackson

    Ms. April Mann
    Director, Alumni Affairs

    Mrs. Ginger Roby Daniels, Madison
    Associate Director, Alumni Affairs



    Dr. Daniel Quon, Madison
    Dr. Jeff Gamblin, Madison
    Dr. Raanne Tinlde, Cleveland
    Dr. Sara Langston, Madison
    Dr. Don Doty, Brookhaven
    Dr. Jay Henderson, Hattiesburg
    Dr. Theresa Skelton, Greenville
    Dr. William West, Tupelo
    Dr. James Lott, Madison
    Dr. Anthony Newman, Jackson
    Dr. Bryan Martin, McComb
    Dr. Acie Whitlock, Madison
    Dr. Elijah Arrington, Jackson

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