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  • Office of Alumni Affairs Business Basics Survey

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    Medical Liability
    Lessons learned the hard way (med alumni testimonies)
    Office management/staff
    Protecting your assets
    Ethics of medicine
    Ethics of Risk Management
    Balancing Act: How to manage your practice, business, and your life
    Tax planning
    My first year as a physician: tax tips
    Health care reform: How will it affect me?
    Traps and tricks for young physicians
    Practice management
    Importance of GOOD credit
    The business of owning your first home
    Insurance: Disability, life, long term, health - What is imperative?
    Basic estate planning strategies
    Basics of investing
    Debt reduction strategies
    Importance of having a will
    Stock market volatility and YOUR plan
    Student loans: Easy payback
    Good habits each day keep the lawyers away: Risk management primer for residents
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